Retirement Living

Well-designed retirement communities provide seniors with a housing option that delivers a good standard of independent living while also ensuring that high quality care and support is available when required. Underpinned by strong fundamentals, this sector continues to grow in line with an aging population and it is pivotal further stock is developed to meet demand.

Maximum gearing Up to 90% of cost & 70% of GDV
Loan size From £10m up to £300m
Margins from 4.75%

We consider each potential development project on its own merits but below gives an indication of some key considerations when appraising a new Retirement living scheme.

  • Borrower experience in the Retirement living sector
  • Location of asset e.g. proximity to amenities
  • Demand for Retirement living in the locality
  • Potential for supply and demand rebalancing in the near term
  • Operator experience
  • Viability of exit plan e.g. refinance or sale
"An ever-growing number of seniors are reviewing their housing, support and care needs in the aftermath of the recent global pandemic. To keep up with age-related growth and changing preferences, the retirement living sector will need to boost the supply of retirement communities by over a third by 2040. This is a challenging target for the sector, but one Maslow Capital can play a part in reaching."
Adam Wass Deal origination