Lending Solutions

Creative Capital for a Dynamic Market

Our highly flexible capital allows us to focus on creative structures and terms not commonly available in the market, allowing our clients’ projects to successfully navigate dynamic market conditions.

Whether addressing immediate liquidity needs, facilitating strategic growth, or securing the future of unconventional assets, partner with our team and allow our capital to transform your challenges into opportunities for growth and stability.

With Maslow, you gain a partner whose team is fully dedicated to your success, skilfully navigating the intricacies of the market. This dedication enables our Lending Solutions team to deliver innovative and ‘off-the-run’ solutions that surpass what you might have thought possible.

Loan size £10m-£200m*
LTV up to 80%
LTC up to 90%
Term 3 to 36 months

*Maslow can provide facilities in excess of £300m on a case-by-case basis.

Maslow’s Lending Solutions division can support borrowers across the following areas:
  • Sector Agnostic Funding: Our approach to funding is broad and inclusive, catering to unconventional asset classes and providing versatile financial solutions for specialist real estate, including retail, commercial, retail parks, offices, leisure, hotels, holiday parks, and other real estate with visible underwriteable cashflows.
  • Recapitalisation for Immediate Liquidity: We offer rapid recapitalisation solutions for asset-backed projects (e.g., residential developments requiring further financing due to cost overruns) and companies (including projects in Receivership or companies in Administration) in need of near-term liquidity, ensuring stability and certainty.
  • Individual and Portfolio Loan Purchases: We specialise in the strategic acquisition of both performing and non-performing loans and portfolios (in Maslow’s core lending products), offering immediate liquidity and financial flexibility to lenders.

Speak with our local Origination team to discuss how Maslow can support your project:

"The essence of Maslow's Lending Solutions lies in our unwavering commitment to turning visionary ideas into tangible successes. In a world where traditional financial pathways often fall short, Maslow's Lending Solutions division stands as a source of innovation and possibility.“
Adam Baghdadi Head of Lending Solutions