Bridging Finance

Proven Funding with a Personal Touch

At the core of our Spanish operations is a team of seasoned professionals, deeply entrenched in the Spanish market. They bring not only years of experience but also a nuanced understanding of the unique characteristics and opportunities within the Spanish alternative lending landscape. This blend of broad expertise and local insight ensures that each transaction is handled with the utmost professionalism while being tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Loan size €300k to €10m*
LTV Up to 75%
Term 3 to 36 months
Interest Fixed

*Maslow can provide Bridging facilities in excess of €10m on a case-by-case basis.

Our award-winning lending desks bring deep sector-specific insights, offering bespoke bridging solutions that consider the nuances of each of the following asset classes, finance and borrower types:
  • Asset Class: Residential (investment properties), Semi-commercial, Office, Hospitality, Industrial, Healthcare, Development Land
  • Finance Type: Refinance, Refurbishments, Acquisitions, Development Exit & Settlements
  • Borrower Type: Spanish SPVs, offshore companies, foreign national UBOs
Opportunities we favor:
  • Refurbishments – Residential and commercial refurbishments with a change of use or BER / ESG upgrades considered.
  • Change of Planning – We will finance properties/strategic land & value enhancing planning change, such as conversion from office (above a retail unit) to residential or enhancing land with planning permission.
  • Development Exits – Developers with development finance facilities coming to the end of term or who may need equity released from a site that requires more time to sell. We can refinance the existing facility, allow more time for sales, release equity from the site and ongoing sales. This type of facility can also save borrowers on default interest with the exiting lender.
  • Debt Settlements – Our speed and streamlined process will allow clients to meet strike prices in line with contracted terms.
  • Equity Release/Capital raising – We will allow clients to raise debt on an unencumbered / lowly leveraged property(s), providing sufficient equity to enable a quick acquisition of another property.
  • Adverse Credit – Borrowers who have a checkered credit profile and require time to sell their assets to better their financial situation.

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"At Maslow Capital, we're deeply attuned to the distinct dynamics of Europe's bridging market. Our leading team, comprising individuals with decades of bridging finance and credit experience, is committed to delivering bespoke financial solutions that cater specifically to your needs. We ensure rapid, reliable funding with a personal touch, leveraging our expertise to foster your success."
Mark Posniak Managing Director, Bridging