Buy-to-Let Financing

Invest with Time on Your Side

This solution offers a longer timeframe than typical bridging loans, providing you with up to 36 months to stabilise, refurbish, or sell your property. Ideal for scenarios requiring extensive property improvements, resolving legal matters, or awaiting more favourable market conditions, our Extended Bridging Product ensures you have the breathing space to maximise your investment’s potential without the pressure of immediate repayment. Unlock the flexibility and support needed to succeed in today’s dynamic real estate market.

LTV Up to 70% gross
Loan Term Up to 36 months
Loan Amount €350k to €15m
Term 3 to 36 months
Our award-winning lending desks bring deep sector-specific insights, offering bespoke funding solutions that consider the nuances of each of the following property and borrower types:
  • Property Types: Flats, Houses, HMOs, MUFBs, Mixed-Use Properties
  • Borrower Profiles: Suitable for Professional Landlords, First Time Buyers, First Time Landlords, Foreign Nationals, and those with Adverse Credit
How Our Extended Bridging Solutions Enhance the Value and Viability of Your Property Investments:
  • Time to Enhance Security: Ideal for properties requiring refurbishment or investors needing to repair minor credit profile blemishes.
  • Stepping Stone to Cheaper Finance: Acts as an intermediate solution for borrowers transitioning to more traditional, cost-effective financing options.

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