Maslow becomes one of four shortlisted for Real Estate Capitals Alternative Lender of the Year in the UK

After a number of weeks of deliberation, Real Estate Capital have now revealed the organisations and deals nominated across 31 categories for Real Estate Capital’s annual awards.

This year’s awards take in 13 categories for the whole of Europe, as well as a selection of country and region-based categories, including the UK, Germany, France and Southern Europe.

With the news of Maslow Capitals nomination for two Business Moneyfacts Awards  still hot off the press, we are very excited to announce an additional nomination from Real Estate Capital for Alternative Lender of the Year in the UK.

The REC panel described Maslow as:

A specialist lender which focuses on providing development loans across the UK market, Maslow was launched in 2009, initially to finance the completion of part-built schemes after the financial crisis. In October, it reached £1.5 billion of loans written since inception, with around £600 million of 2019 loans due to complete. In 2019, it expanded its product range to target developers of industrial, hotel and retirement living projects, with the new business lines contributing to £166 million of 2019’s lending. Its standout deal of 2019 was a £123 million facility for the construction of two residential towers in Manchester.

Real Estate Capital are now letting the industry decide who is most deserving of the award and we would be very appreciative if you could support us by clicking here and voting for Maslow under the Alternative Lender of the Year in the UK category.

Throughout our 10 years of existence, Maslow has always put the relationship with our borrowers and partners at the forefront of our operations and we are honoured to be in contention for such a prestigious award.



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