Client Services

Maslow Complaints Handling Procedure

In the first instance, we recommend that you speak to your relationship manager. In most cases, we will be able to resolve your concerns and provide a solution promptly.

You are also able to send an email to or write to us at Client Services Department, Maslow Capital LLP, 6 Duke Street, St James’s, London, SW1Y 6BN

If we are unable to handle your concerns within 3 business days, we will register a formal complaint and investigate your complaint further. If you have any information that could help us in resolving your concerns please forward this to us as soon as possible. We will send you our final response within eight weeks.

More information about how to complain and our complaints procedure are detailed below:

No matter what the issue is, whether you would like to share a positive experience or a negative one, we want to hear from our customers. Where you have concerns we will look to try and make things right. We take on board all the feedback we receive and try to fix issues that are identified. Below explains the process which we will follow in resolving complaints:


If any issues arise in the course of your dealings with us, please talk to us and let us know what your concerns are. In most cases, we are able to resolve your concerns and provide a solution promptly. If we resolve your concerns within three business days following receipt of your complaint and you agree with the outcome of our resolution we will send you a summary resolution response outlining that we have resolved your complaint.


If we are unable to resolve your complaint within three business days or as quickly as we would have liked then we will promptly acknowledge receipt of your complaint and undertake a full investigation. We would ask that you forward any documentation or information you have that would assist us in investigating the complaint and proceed to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.


Where we have formally acknowledged your complaint, we will issue our final response within eight weeks from receipt of your complaint in accordance with regulatory requirements.


Where we have issued a final response and you remain dissatisfied with the response, please do give us a chance to discuss the issue. We will endeavor to explain our approach and where necessary investigate your concerns further and resolve any additional concerns you may have.

You can contact us by calling us on 0203 828 6879 or by sending us an email at