"The drawdown process on the project has gone smoothly with a continued pragmatic approach to any issues arising and the ongoing dialogue and support during the unprecedented current situation with COVID-19 has been excellent. Quite simply it has shown that we are working with a funding partner with a first class approach and more importantly total integrity."
Mark S Developer
"Their acute understanding of development itself - the market, the time developments take, and the challenges faced by developers all adds up to a perfect working relationship for our clients."
Stephen B Broker
"The process is uber slick and professional and that exudes from all the Maslow team and those appointed outside the organisation, such as lawyers, valuers, etc. They do everything thoroughly and at break-neck speed, whilst retaining total control."
Stephen B Broker
"In the many deals we have completed with Maslow we have always found them to be flexible and pragmatic. Their approach to complex and unusual funding structures is always first class."
James W Broker
"A true funding partner for developers. Maslow understands the practicalities involved in large scheme property development and as such are highly pragmatic when dealing with applications. Speed is essential for us and Maslow have never failed to offer anything other than a fantastic service."
Simon I Developer
"Finding a funding partner is relatively easy, finding a funding partner that understands the application of finance and how it is utilised beyond their world is actually rather difficult. What Maslow has been able to display is an empathy towards the requirements of a developer and contractor. This understanding allows them to make decisions in a controlled and pragmatic manner. Working with them throughout the COVID period has been a calm process, in a market that has been anything but calm. This was only possible by working with the seasoned subject matter experts Maslow has in their team."
Mark C Developer
"Development applications are naturally long-winded, but Maslow do all in their control to ensure deadlines are met. They have command of every proposal and can have valuers on-site within days. Their technology enables them to take a deep look at the specific characteristics of a development site quickly, providing their deal teams with the intelligence they need to develop, agree and execute agreements efficiently. In turn, this has enabled our clients to commence on site faster than would ordinarily be possible and shorten delivery times substantially compared to traditional funding routes."
Stephen B Broker
"I have had the pleasure to work with Maslow on multiple transactions over the last 5 years, so I have seen first-hand Maslow’s appetite, application and ability to successfully tackle complex development deals, all of which have had a number of variable elements."
John K Broker
"The team is of a higher quality than its competitors in this category."
B&C Awards
"Maslow Capital has a keen appetite for lending and brokers always feel like they are in safe hands when working with them."
B&C Awards
"They work to resolve issues, not use them to alter terms or rates, and they treat each and every application as if it is certain to compete. This ‘no back down’ approach instils great confidence in the broker, which is passed onto the client. They really are part of a team and a winning team at that."
Stephen B Broker
"We have worked with Maslow Capital on a number of student schemes totalling almost 700 beds - we find them to be prompt and professional in all their dealings.  Our developers are encouraged by the fact that Maslow are not fazed by a complex structure and can take a commercial view to complete the transaction in a timely manner."
Aled Broker
"The year 2020 was probably one of the worst years ever for raising a loan for a development. The year saw multiple lockdowns, staff on furlough, uncertainty in the financial markets and a lack of confidence in the business world. We were therefore very lucky to have the support of the Maslow team to hold our hands through this turbulent period and successfully guide us through the system. They were personable, maintained communications, were very reassuring and above all got the job done, ensuring that the loan agreements were signed and sealed before the deadline."
John G Developer
"Some of the transactions we have been involved in have had nuances that many other lending managers in the market would have shied away from, however Maslow will always take a holistic view of a deal and the client they are dealing with - looking for ways to make a deal work, rather than choosing the easy option of rejecting the case in favor of another, simpler, project."
John K Broker
"The team at Maslow are the first debt lenders we contact when considering a UK student accommodation development investment. Their external market expertise and internal product knowledge mean they rapidly provide lending terms within twenty-four hours. During the deal origination process, Maslow are quick to respond to the changing requirements of the deal and take a highly practical approach to assisting their clients to get deals over the line."
Ben H Developer

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