About Us

We are an award-winning provider of development finance, with an enviable track record of supporting experienced developers to deliver successful projects

Founded in 2009 as an unregulated fund, initially specialising in mezzanine finance, we focused on assisting developers and banks to bring part-built residential developments to completion at a time when funding was scarce.

Since then, we have developed our product range and funding capabilities to establish ourselves as an independent and innovative provider of development finance. In 2016, Maslow Capital partnered with Sixth Street, a leading global investment business with over $50 billion in assets under management. Together, Maslow and Sixth Street have funded over £2.2 billion of real estate projects spanning over 6.8m sq ft. In 2020, Maslow Capital further grew its funding capabilities by partnering with M&G Investments. M&G has over 5 million customers in the UK, with £339 billion of assets under management. Since 2020, Maslow and M&G have funded a further £250m of real estate projects spanning over 640k sq ft. With the support of two institutional partners, Maslow Capital has a unique capability to build on its strong foundations and overall mission to finance the delivery of much needed housing across the UK in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Our Evolution

2009 to Present

  • 2009

    Feb Inception of business
    Oct Investec team joins
  • 2010

    Jan HNW Fund launched
  • 2011

    Aug Loan book sold to Octopus Investments with an ongoing origination and servicing mandate
  • 2013

    Jun £150m Committed facilities milestone
    Jul £250m GDV milestone
  • 2014

    Feb £250m Committed facilities milestone and £50m redemption milestone
    Jun £300m Committed facilities milestone
    Aug £500m GDV milestone
    Dec £400m Committed facilities milestone
  • 2015

    Jan £100m Redemption milestone
    Feb £700m GDV milestone
    Aug £475m of Committed facilities consists of 66 live drawn loans, and 66 redeemed loans since inception. Octopus Investment mandate comes to an end
  • 2016

    Jan Partnership with Sixth Street Partners begins
  • 2017

    Mar £1bn GDV milestone
    May Maslow launches senior debt product
    Dec Completion of UKs first ever Residential & PBSA development securitisation vehicle
  • 2018

    Feb Completion of £100m portfolio acquisition
    Jun £100m in completions making a record month for new completions
    Jul Surpass £1 billion in committed facilities
    Aug Industrial development financing launch
    Sep £100m in completions in a single month for the second time
    Dec Industrial development financing launch | £2bn GDV milestone
  • 2019

    Feb Maslow announces a strong start to the year with 8 completed deals totalling £106m
    May Maslow named winners for ‘Development Lender of the year’ in the £10m+ category by Bridging and Commercial Magazine.
    May Hotel development financing launch
    June £1.4bn Committed facilities milestone | £2.5bn GDV milestone
  • 2020

    Mar REC Awards: Maslow Capital named runner-up for 'UK Alternative Lender of the Year'
    June Maslow announces its debut Loan Book Liquidity Fund
    July B&C Awards: Maslow wins ‘Best Development Finance Lender £10m+’ for a second year running
    Aug £1.7bn Committed facilities milestone | £3bn GDV milestone
    Nov Maslow Capital and M&G Investments announce a new joint venture focusing on direct lending to UK real estate developers. The new relationship will complement Maslow's existing relationship with Sixth Street Partners
  • 2021

    Oct B&C Awards: Maslow wins ‘Best Development Finance Lender £10m+’ for a third year running
    Oct Props Awards: Maslow wins ' Property Lender of the year £20m+'
Units Built
Square Feet
We have the internal expertise needed to assess a wide array of deals which include PRS, mixed-use and PBSA developments. As we navigate the uncertain consequences of Brexit and Covid-19, we are committed to supporting our developers and working in partnership with them to deliver their real estate projects.
Ellis Sher Co-Founder and CEO

Credible Projects. Client Focus.
Creative Solutions. Consistent Delivery.

Working with experienced developers, we finance a range of schemes including residential, Purpose Built Student Accommodation, Build-to-Rent, co-living and retirement living, focusing on those with a high proportion of affordable price points.

We pride ourselves on transparent decision-making, consistent delivery and developing long-term relationships with like-minded brokers and developers.