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Everyone dreams about their next home...

At Maslow Capital, we recognise that these dreams start when you’re a child and continue along every step of your housing journey. Whether it be leaving the parental home to experience the excitement of university living, or moving into your first family home, Maslow will continue to support experienced developers who are building homes and making a difference throughout your entire life.

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We recognise that your housing journey starts in childhood from the moment you dream of your first home.

To help us visualise the most important stage of your housing journey, we challenged the Maslow family’s little ones to use all of their imagination to share their vision of a dream home with us.  From Italian inspired al fresco, or possibly more ‘al dente’ pasta house living, to your very own life size Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc, their talents are boundless and we are proud to feature all of these unique designs in our prestigious curated online gallery.

We’d love to expand our property design portfolio, so why not share your little one’s dream home with us by using the #MyHousingJourney hashtag.

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If you choose to move onto higher education, the UK benefits from world-renowned universities that offer unrivalled teaching and a living experience that is finally meeting the standards students deserve.  

Despite the challenges brought on by Covid-19, the demand for purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) continues to grow and offer developers strong returns. However, with PBSA properties housing just 20% of the student population, a significant proportion of students continue to live in low quality properties in unfavourable locations.

At Maslow Capital we understand the impact one’s accommodation can have on both quality of life and mental health. This understanding, combined with 13 years of experience successfully funding PBSA projects, has put us at the forefront of PBSA financing in the UK and has led to the development of 4,424 high quality PBSA beds.

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As you embark on life’s first milestones, you are drawn to opportunity-rich urban environments where you are able to experience the endless possibilities your newfound independence brings.

Attitudes to renting have generationally changed with the onset of high quality, institutionally managed Private Rental Sector (PRS) stock that is appealing to a demographic with needs and preferences materially different to that of their parents. With excellent locations, high-quality amenities and environmental considerations, PRS schemes have begun to tick all the boxes for this key demographic that prioritises experiences over ownership at this stage in their lives.

Maslow Capital has set itself the goal to support this new generation of renters as they experience life outside of the parental home for the first time. Visit our dedicated PRS specialism page to find more information on the size and scope of the schemes Maslow Capital has delivered, stretching to every major employment hub in the UK.

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Your first steps onto the property ladder become your most memorable as you put down your roots and bring your vision of a home to life.

The Help to Buy (HTB) scheme, as with a number of the more recent Covid related Government initiatives, has been very successful in supporting the market over the last few years. At Maslow, a core investment thesis is that units are affordable for the local demographic and actual transaction volumes indicate sufficient liquidity. As a socially conscious lender focused on tackling the housing crisis, we are proud to report that in many regions, 100% of our units are priced below the HTB price threshold.

Maslow Capital has the ambition to significantly boost the number of starter homes entering the market through partnering with some of the best developers across the UK. Visit our dedicated residential specialism page to find more information on Maslow’s lending appetite.

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If you choose to start a family, you may wish to set your sights on a larger home, perhaps with outdoor space to relax and a work from home study to match.

With family’s re-evaluating their housing needs and a shift towards hybrid working, we are seeing a new outflow of movement to well-placed commuter belts and countryside across the UK where space is valued more than one’s proximity to the office.

Maslow Capital has built its reputation on delivering high-quality residential dwellings across the UK, having funded over 9,196 units in this space. Visit our residential specialism page for more information on the housing schemes we have helped our clients deliver.

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Here comfort is key, as you reflect on life’s joys. You will have access to top-class facilitates alongside sociable communities on your doorstep.

Maslow understands the importance of building well-designed retirement communities with a housing option that delivers a good standard of independent living while also ensuring that high quality care and support is available when required.

Visit our specialist retirement living page to find more information on Maslow Capital’s experience funding developments in the retirement living sector.

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