"Some of the transactions we have been involved in have had nuances that many other lending managers in the market would have shied away from, however Maslow will always take a holistic view of a deal and the client they are dealing with - looking for ways to make a deal work, rather than choosing the easy option of rejecting the case in favor of another, simpler, project."
John K Broker
"Emma Burke is classed as one of the best people in the market due to her experience and knowledge of the industry."
B&C Awards
"A true funding partner for developers. Maslow understands the practicalities involved in large scheme property development and as such are highly pragmatic when dealing with applications. Speed is essential for us and Maslow have never failed to offer anything other than a fantastic service."
Simon I Developer
"The team is of a higher quality than its competitors in this category."
B&C Awards
"In the many deals we have completed with Maslow we have always found them to be flexible and pragmatic. Their approach to complex and unusual funding structures is always first class."
James W Broker
"In addition to their high calibre lending skills, Maslow has an extremely personable team, which always makes my clients feel very comfortable upon meeting them.  As trust and relationship building is such an intrinsic part of the funding exercise, it is critical for us and our clients to work with funders like Maslow, who we know that we can trust and who will be available throughout the life of the loan."
John K Broker
"The team at Maslow are the first debt lenders we contact when considering a UK student accommodation development investment. Their external market expertise and internal product knowledge mean they rapidly provide lending terms within twenty-four hours. During the deal origination process, Maslow are quick to respond to the changing requirements of the deal and take a highly practical approach to assisting their clients to get deals over the line."
Ben H Developer
"We have had the good fortune to work with a number of the Maslow team, namely CEO and Co-founder Ellis Sher, associates James Henry and Rob Hammond, Adam Wass from the deals team and Martin from the risk team. A particular mention to Matt Pigram is also deserved, whose personal approach in managing the relationship is a fundamental pillar to the success we have seen to date."
Michael W Developer

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