Maslow Capital utilises The University of Cambridge’s Sustainable Real Estate course to further expand its ESG expertise

Key team members at the specialist real estate development finance provider Maslow Capital have completed a University of Cambridge sustainability course, further bolstering the lenders existing knowledge of ESG.

Maslow Capital’s Director of Portfolio Management, Ben Colling and Head of Marketing, Richard Wojcik have both completed an intensive eight-week course that analysed and critically evaluated the ecological, social, and governance aspects of real estate. With this newly obtained practical knowledge of the industries ESG trends and risks, Maslow has strengthened its ability to examine how sustainable real estate can contribute to a more resilient and inclusive society, whilst positively impacting communities and the environment.

“Lenders have an opportunity to take on a stewardship role, ensuring their clients have a long-term strategy in place, with a clear plan to address the transition to net zero. I look forward to utilising the knowledge I have obtained from this course to communicate the benefits our clients stand to gain from prioritising the ecological, social, and governance aspects of their real estate projects.” Richard Wojcik, Head of Marketing at Maslow Capital

“The Cambridge sustainability course really challenged me to break out of a siloed industry, to critically evaluate the built environment under a whole-lifecycle lead approach and encourage the need to synergise with wider counterparties which have the greatest influence and greatest ability to make a material change.” Ben Colling, Director of Portfolio Management at Maslow Capital

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