Expert Commentary: The inherent stability of European real estate lending

In this commentary piece published in Investment and Pensions Europe, Ellis Sher, Maslow Capital CEO & Managing Director at Arrow Lending Opportunities, reflects on the emergence of real estate lending as a stabilising force. He discusses how it offers investors a safe haven from the volatility of public markets.

Arrow Lending Opportunities, has refined its focus on this private debt investment strategy, particularly within the European real estate credit sector. We observe how stable returns and protection against fluctuating interest rates are increasingly attracting investors to private credit.

For investors, selecting a seasoned real estate debt manager, known for diverse origination sources, meticulous underwriting including conservative loan-to-value ratios, and effective portfolio management, is crucial for successfully navigating this investment strategy. Since 2009, we have been investing in this asset class, funding in excess of £5 billion of developments and delivering more than 17,900 units across 259 projects without any credit losses of capital, interest, and fees.

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