UK Real Estate’s Journey to Stability and Growth | PERE 2024 UK Roundtable

In a time of shifting political landscapes and economic upheavals, the PERE 2024 UK Roundtable brings together leading voices in the real estate industry to discuss the complexities and opportunities lying ahead. Our CEO, Ellis Sher, alongside other industry experts, delves into the nuances of the UK’s real estate market as it edges towards recovery.

The roundtable discussion focuses on the aftermath of significant political events, such as the near wipeout of the Conservative Party in recent local elections and the anticipation of a Labour-led government. These changes promise a new era of stability, which is crucial for investment and bond markets. Ellis reflects on the turbulent journey, recalling how the Autumn 2022 “mini-budget” led to market chaos and halted transactions, a stark contrast to today’s more reassuring landscape.

Participants discuss the lingering global capital penalties applied to the UK, the repricing phenomenon, and the overall investment landscape. With insights on market transparency, interest rate fluctuations, and sector-specific opportunities, the roundtable provides a comprehensive outlook on what investors can expect in the coming months.

Read the complete roundtable write-up here.



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