UK Proptech Conferences September 2017

Proptech, short for property technology refers to the numerous start-ups and new technologies popping up in a response to years of inefficient and old-fashioned processes in the real estate industry.

Proptech is the coming together of technology and real estate which is propelling the industry forward. This is why we have listed some of the best proptech conferences for you to explore this September.

Tech Talk Live

15th September 2017 – London, England

From VCs to the major institutions, the world’s leading tech investors take the stage to reveal exactly what they’re looking for in a proptech company and earmark the trends they are betting on. Find out this and more as they lift the mask on proptech investment and get to the bottom of its true value proposition. Join EG at the White Collar Factory in Old Street, London for a morning of debate and discussion and your chance to network with the influencers and decision makers in this sector.

GeoVacation Showcase

19th September 2017 – London, England

Join the Geovation Hub as they discuss and display their fourth showcase of promising geospatial businesses. They have chosen some of the best for their Autumn 2017 showcase. Hear about them present and learn more about their businesses over drinks after the event.

SPD Insights

19th September 2017 – London, England

This is their first ever Resi focused insights event, so be sure to join them for an evening of debate, drinks and networking with some of the industry’s leading thinkers.

PropTech & Innovation Briefing

20th September 2017 – London, England

Proptech was the buzzword at all the trade fairs this year. Industry experts recognise the increasing importance technology and innovation have for the real estate sector. What are the key trends and what will their impact on the market be? Which sectors will benefit the most from proptech? How is technology changing services delivery in the residential sector? What about information and data – how can they help asset management? Come to this time-efficient briefing, hear the opinions and forecasts of market experts and ask your own questions.

TLA PropTech and REVO

19th – 21st September 2017 – Liverpool, England

Are you looking for clients, connections, exposure and increased brand awareness within the retail industry? Revo, combining ‘retail’ and ‘evolution’, promotes the UK retail property and place-making community. This year we are offering the opportunity to take part in a three-day live tech innovation initiative at Revo 2017.