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Photo: The completed, 5,450 sq ft, property comprises; 3 storeys with 5 bedrooms and a double garage on 0.33 acres of land in Beaconsfield, Bucks

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Maslow Capital is one of the leading providers of development finance in the UK and lends on a First Charge "Stretched Senior" basis or as a second charge lender in conjunction with a third party Senior Lender.



With a collective experience of 60 years in residential development finance and having structured and completed deals in excess of £5 billion, we truly appreciate the legal and financial complexities faced by our borrowers. We use these skills to deliver innovative funding solutions that are highly tailored to the nuances of each transaction.

Maslow Capital is a specialist asset manager that offers competitive loan facilities ranging from £500k - £50m per deal.

Given the balance sheet and credit policy constraints imposed upon by conventional funding sources following the global financial crisis, many experienced developers are turning to alternative funding sources as a means to acquire and develop properties. This has presented an opportunity for agile and independently funded development financiers, such as Maslow Capital, to fill the void left by traditional lending sources.